Become a Sponsor

Dear future sponsor,

We value any businesses committed to the community of Newburgh and showing their love to the city! Any positive presence is truly appreciated.

Wellness Shines on Newburgh started as a small group dedicated to community-minded, accessible wellness offerings. WSON is now growing! Becoming its own LLC, and managing the FIT and WELL memberships from Lync Lounge at Highpoint Campus for independent practitioners, micro businesses, and startups. 

Our fourth annual event, Wellness Shines on the Green  will be held in historic downtown Newburgh at the Safe Harbors Green on the corner of Broadway and Liberty Street. We will share The Green with the Newburgh Farmers’ Market, and there will be food, entertainment, classes for all ages, and raffles. More new events will happen on that same day, under the umbrella of Spring into Newburgh, such as Art on the Block, Safe Harbors 5K run for the Green...We will also offer children's activities and we anticipate that all these events will attract a large audience to the area.

We’re fundraising for the event, which will provide connections between providers and the community, as well as raising awareness of our new organization. We would love to have you  involved as a corporate sponsor.  

We will promote you in our event program, include your logo in social media, advertising, and any other event communications, and distribute promotional materials (flyers, stage banners, etc.) at the event. You are welcome to speak at the event if you would like to introduce yourself and provide some information about your company. The minimum donation is $150 and larger donations will receive more prominence in materials.

We hope we can count on your support to help us put on our event this year. 

**Note, if you become a sponsor after printed materials or ads are placed, we will try our best to retroactively add your logo/company name whereever we can.

If you’d like your business to sponsor this wonderful community building day, but can't afford the minimum required, don't worry, we'll still find a way to show our gratitude!

Payment options will be available after submission, by email.