Our Mission

What does it mean to be healthy and well?

What would it feel like to you?

The truth is: there’s no right answer. To be healthy and well looks different for each and every person.  “Wellness” doesn’t necessarily mean fitness or eating healthy all the time. It only means that we care about ourselves in ways that are meaningful to us. In a nutshell, there is no one-size-fits-all model, because the meaning of “wellness” is as individual as you are!

The sad reality is that our society is fundamentally unhealthy. We are all so caught up in work and responsibility that we often neglect ourselves, and we easily become disconnected from what brings us joy. To be well means to be in tune with what feels right and good for ourselves: body, mind, and soul. The smallest act of taking care of ourselves can be radical these days. 

Wellness Shines on Newburgh is here to nurture our community awareness of what it means to take care of ourselves and each other. We aren’t focused on looking good; we’re focused on feeling good. We strive to create an inclusive, judgment-free environment by bringing together practitioners who can help you create your own path to feeling great!


Access to high-quality health and wellness programming is a key component to moving our community forward. Research links community wellness to such far-reaching benefits as economic empowerment, maximized educational and career achievement, improved public safety, and reduced inequality. And yet, as a Black woman and purveyor of wellness programming. I've had to reckon with an uncomfortable reality: wellness has become associated with affluence and privilege.

The goal of WSN, above all, is to dispel such notions. Representation in wellness matters, both in terms of those providing programming and those accessing it. We want to prove to our community that wellness can and should be achievable by all, not limited to those with means. WSN's affordable programming will reach a clientele that is truly representative of the broader Newburgh population. Furthermore, it will act as an incubator for other minority-owned health and wellness businesses an unprecedented initiative in Newburgh

In light of this goal, WSN has found a home at Highpoint, a 17,000-square-foot campus in a newly restored historic church in Newburgh's East End. Founded on the belief that the enrichment and empowerment of Black women and girls is essential to uplifting all, this community and commercial hub's mission is to connect the diverse populations of Newburgh to economic, educational, and cultural resources.

Interested in being partner at our new location? Reach out to us at wellnessshineson@gmail.com