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Lync Lounge Memberships

Lync Lounge Fit & Well Members 

Managed by Wellness Shines On

Wellness Shines On seeks to capacitate and empower an intentionally curated, collaborative center and vehicle for outreach, presenting ‘whole’ wellness that is inspirational, aspirational, and accessible to all, while offering a safe, flexible, and fertile space for independent practitioners, micro businesses, and startups to connect with community and each other. Wellness Shines On LLC hopes to foster an integrated and diverse collective of providers and participants that transcends the stereotype that wellness is only for the affluent and looks to contribute to the advancement of representation in wellness through cultivating economic growth and opportunity for minority-owned enterprises. We look to a future where nurturing the wellness of self, others, family, and community is considered a necessity, not a luxury; where self-care is an ongoing practice instead of an emergent event, and where it is an accepted reality that a society whose members focus on the wellness in themselves is a far healthier and balanced society.